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ALERT!  Carlino will present the "sketch plan" of their Marple Town Monster on August 13th at 7pm at Marple Newtown High School.  Here's your chance to do something to protect your quality of life. See you at the meeting! 

​​Please contact your commissioner and ask him to say NO to Carlino's Regional Shopping Center!

Even a little pollution hurts children

The economic benefits of this forest.

Our efforts to preserve the Don Guanella forest have always been primarily motivated by our concern for our children and the children of the future. While our quality of life is a concern, too, we feel like we should leave the planet better than we found it. It's the responsibility of all of us to look after what Pope Francis called "our common home." 

Economic benefits of park systems

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The costs of destroying this forest

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Our health and quality of life are not for sale

The ecological benefits of this forest.

Bad news for Delco from the ALA