Carlino was open for business at the O’Hara “open house” 

Carlino's people have consistenly downplayed how big it actually is and minimized its impact

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June 2, 2018

Written by Ken Hemphill

Carlino's full court press

Carlino was open for business at the O’Hara “open house” 

Carlino was open for business at the O’Hara “open house” Anyone attending Carlino’s full court press “open house” in Cardinal O’Hara’s makeshift sauna had to be impressed by how much money and effort went into the extravaganza, the sole purpose of which was to “hard sell” the community a regional shopping center that will create traffic havoc. But it was more than a trade show for Carlino’s shopping center: it was their way of defusing public anger that would otherwise have been expressed at the previously planned auditorium-type meeting at Marple Newtown High. Their last minute change of venue and format to an “open house” (after our flyer and article went out) isolated community members in small groups to control the message. As one observer noted, “someone voicing an objection in an auditorium meeting would be heard by everyone in the room, but at Carlino’s open house format no one would hear it.” The event also doubled as a information harvesting program with Carlino collecting email addresses and phone numbers from residents – under the guise of a raffle – in order to have trained employees pitch them later on accepting a 47 acre regional shopping center which would be eight acres bigger than the entire Springfield Mall complex.  

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