About 300 residents attended the January 13th Marple Planning Commission meeting, and so many wished to speak in opposition to Goodman’s Cardinal Crossing proposal that nearly 20 people were still standing in line to speak when the meeting adjourned at 10:30 PM.

UPDATE: May 13,  2018    "Carlino would make millions and we would get the traffio"

UPDATE: December 27,  2015   "Delco's terrible air quality"

The board and the township engineer had many comments to offer as to why "Woodland Preserve" was wildly inappropriate.  It was also pointed out that even "by right" zoning allowances are not necessarily what developers can squeeze from a development when all environmental constraints are considered.

UPDATE: September 29,  2018    "Marple's Commissioners Protected Marple

If you’re a developer, would you pay anything at all for land you couldn’t build on? Why has Carlino agreed to pay so much?   By our reckoning, something like 130 acres of the 213 acre site cannot be developed. It’s fair to say these environmentally constrained acres have no profit value for the Carlino group except as a way to get taxpayers help.

The huge turnout which filled two large rooms in the basement of the Marple Township Building at 
the December 3rd planning commission meeting was more proof of how much opposition there is to Goodman’s “Cardinal Crossing” proposal.

Hundreds of Delaware County residents came out to Marple Newtown High School on a miserable rainy and cold night to see another installment of the Cardinal Crossing saga. There was even entertainment value, too, as several supporters of the developer inadvertently revealed their motives.

Most magician's tricks involve focusing your attention on the wrong thing, a technique called "misdirection"  used along with "sleight of hand" to fool an audience. Carlino the Illusionist is a master at these. To trick Marple and the other communities they're fighting, they're misdirecting your eye to superficial improvements...  

UPDATE: December 6,  2015    "Seeing through the greenwash"

UPDATE: December 26,  2016      "Eminent Domain would protect our quality of life"

This is an html verions of an email that went out on  August 16. It included an analysis of Carlino's traffic consultant's presentation. One of most astounding things we learned from PennDOT is that they don't keep a record of levels of service for intersections and they don't send a staffer out to fact check estimates by developers.

UPDATE: April 30,  2016      "Marple planners harpoon the Cardinal Crossing leviathan"

UPDATE: April 22,  2016      "An open 'Earth Day' letter to Pope Francis"

Sadly, Delaware County Council will not be moving us into the company of every other county in the region by allowing voters to decide on an open space bond referendum. Ten regional counties surrounding Philadelphia have allowed their voters to decide whether to incur debt to save open space. Delco will remain an outlier.

UPDATE: March 26,  2016      "Rejection of Sudhop proposal has important implications"

UPDATE: August 5,  2016      "Moving Forward"

This fight to save Marple’s last forest has been fraught with false choices. “Either we get Cardinal Crossing’s few acres of soccer fields or we get no soccer fields at all.” “Either we get Cardinal Crossing or we get a tax exempt hospital.” The actual choice is between protecting our environment or not doing so.

Five Save Marple Green Space representatives met with County Council members John McBlain and Mario Civera on Friday to talk about what we can do together to preserve the woods behind Don Guanella. The County has signaled that they want to see the forest protected...

UPDATE: October 5,  2016      "It's their constitutionally mandated duty"


UPDATE: August 2,  2018    "Carlino the Illusionist"

How hypocritical is it for us to ask other countries to protect their forests when we won’t summon the courage to do the same here at home? If a poor country like Brazil can protect tens of thousands of square miles of rain forest for the good of the planet, then comparatively wealthy Delaware County can save a few hundred acres.

UPDATE: August 16,  2018    "There's just no where for the cars to go..."

A recent report by the American Lung Association (ALA) contained some very bad news for Delco residents who care about their health. According to the ALA, Delaware County ranks 17th from the bottom among U.S. counties for its poor air quality. That's 3,126th place out of 3,143 counties in the U.S.

Carlino Commercial Development continues to claim that their center is just a little bit bigger than the footprint of Don Guanella. Aside  from being inaccurate (it's 34.6 acres), that little bit extra is roughly equivalent to the large shopping center at the corner of Springfield Road and West Chester Pike. 

Save Marple Greenspace

More than half of Pennsylvania's legislators scored miserably on their environmental votes over the 2015-2016 legislative session, according to the recently published PA Environmental Scorecard. By doing so, they violated the oaths they took to uphold the Pennsylvania Constitution.

What the Archdiocese should understand is that we’re in this for the long haul. We have consultants, attorneys, a good source of funding, and an army of volunteers ready to fight to save this last forest of eastern Delco, for years if necessary.  

UPDATE: January 18,  2016   "Nothing is ever a done deal"

UPDATE: May 20,  2018    "How big, actually, is this regional shopping center?"

UPDATE: August 31,  2018    "What's the Don Guanella forest worth?"

Marple's Commissioners brushed off Carlino’s smoke and mirrors routine. They were not influenced by Carlino’s paid traffic consultant. They were not taken in by the full page ads in the Delco Times, or confused by the slick talk and presentations at the high school. They chose instead to believe their own eyes.

The Marple Township Commissioners heard the Cardinal Crossing presentation , heard their constituents , and put their foot down to protect Marple’s quality of life. In saying no, they affirmed that they would not change the zoning on the site.

UPDATE: March 14,  2016      "We can have fields and the forest"

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970 and yet, nearly 50 years later, we're still facing dire environmental threats. If we are to have any hope of achieving sustainability and convincing commercial interests to protect our "common home," we need institutions like the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to show us the way & lead by example.

UPDATE: June 13,  2016      "An open space bond would stop the bleeding"

If Sunoco  can use eminent domain to lay a dangerous pipeline across people's property, then our county government should use it to protect our health, our quality of life, and to head off future tax increases that will surely come if the Archdiocese is allowed to cut down the forest. We can pay a little now, or a lot later on.

UPDATE: November 5,  2016      "The Beaver Valley decision's impact on Don Guanella"

UPDATE: April 11,  2016      "Cardinal Crossing is back, and it's just as bad as before"

UPDATE: August 8,  2016      "What the Archdiocese and developers should understand"

Bruce Goodman has decided to press on with his plans to clear cut the last big forest in central Delaware County. Instead of incorporating Delaware County Planning Department's recommendations to preserve the important natural features of this forest, he’s come back with essentially the original CC plans.

UPDATE: May 12,  2016      "Marple's commissioners reject Cardinal Crossing"

UPDATE: July 23,  2016      "County Council blocks open space bond referendum"

In the last month, they’ve had “community meetings,” an “open house,” full page newspaper ads, a "petition," two mailers to every Marple resident, and a corps of  spokespeople pushing the monstrosity on social media.  The developers know "Marple Town Center" is too big, so they're trying to bully Marple residents into accepting it.

 We're offered the false choice of either accepting a huge commercial center bigger than Lawrence Park SC or losing the forest entirely. Carlino doesn't mention, of course, that they could build a much smaller center. As currently proposed, Carlino would add 35,000 vehicle trips each day to Sproul Rd. and more on Saturdays.

Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Green ordered the Concord supervisors to conduct “evidentiary” hearings to ascertain the “effect the development will...have upon...the property and associated natural, historic, and scenic resources” thus setting a precedent for Delaware County and Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: June 19,  2018    "Carlino's full-court press"